Ambigram Art: Clothing

Ambigram: Words designed to read something different when turned upside down.

MEANING in the Taos/Soul design


DREAMCATCHER -may good dreams fall upon you!

MOUNTAINS -may the peaks protect you!

SNAKE/Rio Grande Gorge- may you heal & transform when in nature!

SUNRISE/bear paw prints- may you have the courage to listen to your inner  voice!

MEANING n the LIFE/SOIL design


Participate in regenerating LIFE on our planet Tend to the life-giving qualities of SOIL Compost and plant seeds….With healthy SOIL we can grow nutritious food, capture carbon and ultimately save the LIFE of the planet! In many cultures the tree of life represents a fresh start, a new beginning and the mushroom repesents an inter-connection of underground intelligence.

The bee our natural pollinator and the lady bug our aphid eater. There’s more life below ground than above ground…

FUNGI – may you learn from the intelligence beneath your feet!

TREE- may you lead a life filled with wisdom!

BEE – may you seek out community and thrive!

LADYBUG– may you find good fortune in your endeavor



Jah is the rastafaran word for love and brother in this case is non-gendered as our connection to each other. 

The fist represents solidarity, unity and strength when resisting injustice. The Lotus represents divine beauty in one’s quest to expand the soul. 

May you practice love and know when to unite for the protection of our brothers and our planet!

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